Prepare your data for import

Excel Document StackWhen you start to use some new software, it’s a common task to have to import your existing data into that system. The first problem might be getting the data from the existing system you use but, assuming you can get it, you will then need to prepare the data so that the new software can successfully import it.

Some of the problems you might face include:

  • Splitting column values into separate columns (FullName to FirstName, LastName maybe?)
  • Merging multiple CSV files or spreadsheets into one
  • De-duplicating the data to ensure each record is unique

If you’re one of the lucky ones, the supplier of the new software will have catered for importing data from the previous system, in which case, you’re off and running – no need to keep reading, go get your data into the new software!

Still here? I guess that means you need to make some changes to your data. Have you got a lot of records to deal with? If you have, you may be there for quite some time. And who will check that you’ve got it right?

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about it? How much easier would it be if you could offload the work to someone else?

  • No converting CSV to Excel and back again
  • No eye crossingly painful scrolling through record after record
  • Get your time back to work on something more productive

That’s what Joined-up Data is for. We will do the work for you to get your data in shape to import to wherever it needs to go.

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Prepare for import

  • We prepare the data for you
  • Split or merge column values
  • Merge and de-duplicate rows

How it works…

Step 1 – Sign up then provide your Excel and/or CSV files and requirements

Once you’ve signed up, log in to your secure area of our website and upload the files which you would like to be transformed ready for import.

We currently accept Excel, CSV and XML files.  Most systems provide a means of getting the data into one of these formats.

We keep your data safe and will never share it with anyone else.

Step 2 – Explain how you need the data to be transformed (e.g. merged and de-duplicated, columns values split, etc…)

Explain the required transformation
Next, you tell us how you need the data to be transformed to meet the import requirements. An example of what the data should look like when it’s ready to import is helpful but not essential.

If you need the data de-duplicated, you can also tell us how to uniquely identify rows. Any additional documentation you have can also be supplied that at this point.

If you are having trouble explaining what you need or there are some tricky details, we can arrange for a Skype or telephone call to talk this through.

Step 3 – We get to work!

Using the tools and techniques we’ve built,  we get to work on your data, transforming it into what you need.

If anything in your instructions is unclear to us, we’ll be in touch to get clarification.

Your data is ready!

Your data is ready
Once done, we notify you by email and you can log in to your secure area on our website and retrieve the finished product.

Whatever your needs for preparing your data for import, give us a try. We’re so confident that we offer a money back guarantee if you’re not completely happy. Click the button below to get started.

Prepare for import

  • We prepare the data for you
  • Split or merge column values
  • Merge and de-duplicate rows